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Topcon-Construction automatization

Topcon-Construction automatization

From breaking ground to final inspection, Topcon's leading-edge construction solutions give you the tools to be more efficient, improve your accuracy and better manage your data, machines, and crew.

Work Faster
Topcon combines technology innovations to provide you with unparalleled speed and productivity gains. Start sooner, get to grade faster and eliminate re-work. That's Topcon fast!

Work Leaner
Knowledge is power... every crew member and machine on site can do more with the visibility and ease of use that Topcon solutions provide. Get more done with less, and with reliable and accurate results. It's Topcon.

Be Ready to Scale
Going with Topcon lets you take on bigger jobs with greater profitability. Or get more jobs done in a year. Topcon construction solutions can mean your ticket to growth, and we'll be right along with you, helping you grow.

2D - Excavator systems


Topcon's 2D - display systems allow the typing of different profiles and inclinations on the display in the cabin directly. In this kind must be examined no more control points and the work is easier and faster by hand .

3D - Excavator Systems


3D GPS display system with large screen . This slim 3D excavator system offers modern tools during Excavation complex inclinations. They avoid over- excavation and have the material consumption control at all times. This saves money and the job is done faster


NEW! Steer your excavator with a total station . You can see the current bucket values​ and the position of the machine at the construction site or in the project.

3D - Dozer Systems


Topcon's 3D GPS system for dozer represents a giant leap in dozer automation. Perfectly user-friendly, defined by the user and upgradeable, they're flexible to adapt even the most difficult tasks. The 3D-GPS control featuring GPS and GLONASS, intuitive software and smooth, consistent hydraulic response.


With the 3D-LPS dozer control, you'll eliminate overtime by overlapping and control material usage saving you time and money. With these systems the operator has control of inclination, altitude and speed.

Millimeter GPS

If millimeter accuracy is required, it is time for the 3D mmGPS. With a laser zone transmitter and a sensor on the machine to lift the precision of the GPS and GLONASS heights in the laser field. To achieve a final grade that combines the flexibility of GPS and GLONASS with the high accuracy of a total station.

3D - Motor Grader Systems


3D-MC² allows performance to be up to 200% more effective than existing 3D systems — whatever the ground — whoever the operator. Saving time, fuel and money at every pass.


Where no satellites are visible, an LPS (Local Position System, positioning with tachymeter) is the right choice. In tunnels, built-up areas or forests, the availability of satellites is limited.

Millimeter GPS 

A unique coded laser creates a grade control zone with all the advantages of satellite positioning technology, along with the accuracy of a laser.

2D - Grading Systems

System 5

The need for production is constantly rising. Topcon machine control systems bring that bit extra to ensure deadlines are being hit and earthmoving results are to the millimeter. The system is available with a laser receiver or ultrasonic scanner.


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